16 January, 2010

Women have more Powerful Immune System

Women have more Powerful Immune System than Men According To A New Study.
Men and women are not equal before biology: the latest study by Dr. Maya Saleh, of the Research Institute of the University Health Center McGill and the McGill University (Canada), shows that women have a more powerful immune systems than men. Indeed, the production of estrogen in females would have a positive effect on the innate inflammatory response against bacterial pathogens. These surprising results were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences today.

More specifically, estrogen produced naturally by women could block the secretion of the enzyme Caspase-12 that blocks the inflammatory process. Thus the presence of estrogen would have a positive effect on innate immunity, which represents the body's first defense against pathogens.

"These results demonstrate that the inflammatory response in women is more powerful than men,"
According to Dr. Saleh.

This study was conducted on mice with the gene for caspase-12 was inactivated, ie mice highly resistant to infection. The human gene for caspase-12 has been implanted in some of them, male and female .... or only males have become more susceptible to infections.

"We were very surprised by this result, and we determined that the estrogen produced by female mice blocked the actions of the human gene for caspase-12 gene",

says Dr. Saleh.

"We could also show which part of the gene binds estrogen to block, which calls for direct action."

Since these experiments were made with a human gene, researchers believe that these results are also applicable to men. This characteristic of female innate immune system could have developed during evolution to better protect individuals which breed.

The positive effect of estrogen on our natural resistance to infection is also with synthetic hormones such as 17-beta estradiol. This finding may open the door to new therapeutic applications for enhancing the immune system. A question remains: men will accept they take an exclusively female hormone to treat?