16 January, 2010

Too Much Sugar Promotes The Risk Of Breast Cancer

A diet too rich in sugar promote the risk of developing breast cancer according to a recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in December 2008.

This major study, was conducted among 93,000 women specifically establishes a link between high levels of insulin, a hormone secreted to regulate blood sugar and risk of breast cancer.

According to scientists, this discovery explains why postmenopausal women with obesity are more likely to have breast cancer. Insulin levels and higher estrogen nurtures the disease (at least for women with a BMI above 30).

To Dr. Servan Schreiber for this study, this confirms "the role of food too sweet in the occurrence of certain cancers."

It is important "to communicate with patients already diagnosed with cancer about the importance of adopting a diet low glycemic index for reduced insulin secretion and its negative influence on the growth of cancer cells."

In prevention, we must eat healthy and why not adopt a Mediterranean-style diet. ? This diet low glycemic index helps prevent many diseases like cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory diseases. A good resolution for 2009?