16 January, 2010

The signs of pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy, the beginning of your adventure

Signs of pregnancy must be clearly defined because it is impossible for a woman trying to conceive to wait patiently to discover whether she is pregnant or not. She wants to know as soon as possible. It is therefore very important to carefully monitor your body and identify even the smallest changes occurring there. Although no pregnancy is like any other, some women may experience early signs and symptoms of pregnancy since the early days of conception. Others do not notice any change before the first weeks.

Signs of Pregnancy
Pregnancy causes many physical changes, both internal and external. Some of these changes:

Nausea: The morning sickness and vomiting are frequent harbinger of pregnancy. Most women misinterpret and believe food poisoning or a stomach problem.

Exacerbation of smell and taste: Many women become very sensitive to taste and smell of some foods more common. These foods can cause nausea, while others give rise to unusual cravings. This is a classic sign of pregnancy.

Dizziness and loss of consciousness: Some women avoid eating and skipping meals because of nausea triggered by smells and tastes exacerbated. It follows then their blood sugar too low, and dizziness or fainting.

Constipation: Problems with constipation may occur during pregnancy because of poor nutrition and metabolism idling.

Frequent desire to urinate: You may experience frequent urges to urinate during the first week. It is a sign of pregnancy does not disappoint. The uterus is expanding, it exerts pressure on the bladder and causes frequent urination.

Large breasts and nipples painful: Since the body is already preparing for breastfeeding, the breasts grow and the breasts swell and become painful to touch. This sign of pregnancy can be felt from the first week.

Loss of blood and secretions: Some women may notice slight bleeding 8 to 10 days after ovulation, the time normally corresponding to their next period. This sign of pregnancy is the implantation of the embryo in the uterine lining.

Lack of rules: It is the early sign of pregnancy as classical. Some women experience cramping or pain in the lower back similar to those of the imminent arrival of their rules, but to bleed as much.

Other signs of pregnancy to monitor the early stages of design are the following: irritability, fatigue, cramps, backaches, sallow complexion and weight loss.

A pregnancy test performed at home and a visit to the doctor quickly confirm the pregnancy. The doctor then will schedule a series of prenatal visits weekly, calculate your due date and will ensure your well-being and that of your baby throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Adopt a balanced diet and physical activity at the first signs of pregnancy to have a healthy baby.