16 January, 2010


What are the ocular changes during pregnancy?
Pregnancy causes changes throughout the body, including eyes. Wearing contact lenses is not against in pregnancy, but the changes may alter ocular comfort.

Corneal changes (or transparent part of the eye) which is placed on the lens
1. The corneal curvature increases, ie the eye is flatter. The lenses can become too tight during pregnancy. This phenomenon is even more significant for carriers that rigid lenses for patients fitted with soft lenses. A flattening of the curvature of the lenses makes it possible to find a good comfort.

2. The sensitivity of the cornea decreases during pregnancy. The pain, in case of complications, may be less intense. More attention must be paid to other signs of intolerance (redness, blurred vision, unusual secretions). You must be especially careful that the decrease in immune defenses during pregnancy may promote the emergence of infections in the lenses.

Changes in tears
Changes in the composition of tears, during pregnancy, partly explain the discomfort that may be encountered carriers lenses.

Changes of refraction
Pregnancy may be accompanied by a slight myopisation (difficulties in seeing far net).

What if we no longer supports the lenses during pregnancy?
First wear less time in the day and alternate with a correction glasses adjusted. If discomfort remains important, it must consult with his ophthalmologist. By changing the lens parameters (material, curvature, correction), to adapt them to new settings of your eyes, it will attempt to restore a comfortable daily wear.

Obviously, do not forget to remove your lenses before delivery. Since, they can undergo anesthesia and the unexpected lens wear is against inappropriate in this case.