18 November, 2009

Cancer : Mother - > Baby

A Mother can send Cancer to her baby during pregnancy.
India - A mother of 26 years, died of leukemia, a cancer cell transmitted to her daughter, while it was still in her uterus.

This event is rare and researchers proves that cancer can be passed from mother to child. Seventeen cases were identified earlier when the mother and baby share the same cancer often leukemia or melanoma. However, scientists now have evidence of genetic transmission of cancer.

Normally, the immune system of a baby recognizes and destroys any cancer cell from the mother. But this time, the leukemic cells have avoided the baby's natural defenses.

The scientists began their research in 2005 when an Indian  father brought his baby to 11 months in the hospital in Mumbai. He then explained that the mother had died three months ago. Samples taken from the infant compared to those of the mother showed that they contained the same cancer cells. These cases are still extremely rare according to scientists.