18 November, 2009


A new medical study for breastfeeding!
During the Global Week of breastfeeding, the WHO pointed out that it should be exclusive up to the age of 6 months and ideally persist until the age of 2 years Parallel diversification of food.

This time, researchers looked at mothers.

The authors of this new study analyzed data from more than 60,000 women participating in the study Nurses' Health Study II between 1997 and 2005. About 608 cases of cancer pre-menopause were detected.

Women with a family history of breast cancer have generally also a higher risk of developing one themselves. The data from this study are interesting because they show that among these women at risk, the likelihood of developing breast cancer fall by almost 60% if they have already breastfed in their lives, regardless of duration.

The study were quite numerous, breastfeeding of the mother would allow a reduction in the rate of cancer of the ovaries, vagina and breast. Breastfeeding helps the mother lose weight after pregnancy and prevent obesityas we know from other studies that obesity promotes the development of breast cancer.

According to researchers, this phenomenon come from the process by which the tissues return to their natural state before pregnancy. Some congestion may cause inflammation at the origin of cancers. But study reveals that breastfeeding limit such inflammation.