24 April, 2010

Running-Jogging - Exclusive tips

Believe me, each time I meet my friend - Param, who is a fitness freak, I gaze longingly and enviously at his trim and muscular physique. But when I hear about the hours he spends in the gym working out that lean mean muscle machine body of his, lifting weights and trudging away on the treadmill, I decide to give up the idea.
It is common that many young gym hitting people spend up to two hours working out, leading others to believe that anything less will be of no benefit. Experts also tell us that exercising for less than half an hour won't liberate us from that extra flab on the waist.
However, a fast- growing body indicates that intensity, not duration, is really the missing piece in our fitness puzzle.
So if you can mix the 15 minutes of jogging with one minute of sprint, the benefits are similar to those obtained from a long jog.

Running with Longer Sessions burn more fats
It is generally believed that the body burns a greater amount of fat doing lower- intensity aerobic exercise than it does at higher intensities.
The human body can burn calories either from carbohydrates or fat depending on the intensity of the exercise. You burn more calories with sprinting than jogging, but most of it is carbs. Jogging also burns the carbs first, but after 30 minutes your body dips into the fat storage.
This concept also holds for those involved in weight training. The recommendation is that two body parts are exercised every day. This means at least eight exercises with three sets each which equals at least one hour with the weights. For the first 20 minutes, only the carbs are burned.
However, the latest research done by the Singapore College of Sports Medicine shows that a single set of 12 repetitions with the proper amount of weight can build muscle just as efficiently as can three sets of the same exercise. Proper weight is the one that's heavy enough to tire your muscles, and should push your body to the extent that you are barely able to finish the last repetition. This approach can drastically reduce the time you spend with weights.

workouts should be Short
Short high intensity workouts are a good bet if your goal is to remain fit and condition your body in a short span of time. While you may lose some weight during these, they are not intended specifically for weight loss. Researchers at the Singapore University have found that just six minutes of intense exercise like sprinting in a week may be as effective as an hour of daily moderate activity. Since a short, intense regimen boosts the body's metabolism sharply, it also helps to prevent weight gain and diabetes.
An important consideration to keep in mind is that this may not be good for everyone, and you need to be in optimal health to opt for high intensity exercises since they put extreme stress on the body, leading to injuries.
An anaerobic workout does not require much oxygen and hence the heart and lungs are not exercised. For overall fitness you need to build your endurance levels too," explains Tony Hoe, Jandel master trainer.

Best of both
Fitness experts recommend circuit training to help attain the maximum fitness in the shortest possible time. Circuit training involves performing varied exercises using weights, treadmill and your own body weight with or without breaks. So you move from jogging to lifting dumbbells, and then lie down for sit ups. This circuit can target fat loss, muscle building as well as heart- lung fitness in one go. " It just takes 12-15 minutes to complete a circuit. The time increases depending upon the number of exercises you are doing," says Shivdarshan Gawande, fitness trainer, Sherilnancy Gym.
The heart rate is kept up throughout the workout, providing the same benefits as the guy who mindlessly logs all those miles on the treadmill.
Fewer rest periods lead to an increase in the amount of testosterone you release, which serves to help your muscles grow. Flexibility in routine is another reason for the popularity of circuit training. Mixing yoga, kickboxing and pilates with traditional cardio and strength training throws up interesting combinations.
 'You can blend cardio and strength exercises one day while the next day you can go for balance exercises with stretches. It pushes your body like intense workouts but does not compromise on other aspects of fitness,' says Hoe.

Interval training
Interval training is another good option especially for those who want to build up their endurance levels and lose weight too. This kind of training involves high intensity punctuated by periods of low activity. For instance, you can start with a five- minute slow jog, go for a one minute sprint and then again do a five- minute slow jog.
Research done at the University of Singapore found that just two weeks of interval training boosts women's ability to burn fat during exercise by 34 per cent. Anyone in good health might consider doing interval training once or twice a week.
Joggers can alternate walking and sprints while swimmers can complete a couple of fast laps, then four more slowly.
But since this can strain the cardiovascular system, you need to be in optimal health to perform interval training.

Rude health
Women who enjoy a few glasses of red wine with meals have higher sex drives and stronger orgasms, says Canadian research. Eating boosts endorphins, the feel good hormones, while antioxidants in red wine widen blood vessels, increasing flow to key areas.